Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rainy Farmers Market

(One of the first pictures I sniped of my favorite, CARBS)
This morning I headed out to Mill City decked out in my raincoat, yoga capris, and my watermelon colored crocs (did my dreams come true and I found a work place where it is socially acceptable to wear my favorite outifit?! I think so!)

My job today was to manage the day of event twitter (first time @mcfarmersmkt tweeted pictures! check 'em out), take photos of the market, and help out where needed.

(Best raincoat award goes to this cutie)
(One of my favorite pictures of the mom and daughter watching our food demo. Just epitomizes what the market is all about)

Who would of thought that "helping out wherever needed" would have meant the craziness that was a huge rain and thunderstorm that swept through MPLS. I helped the volunteers, managers, vendors pack up everything, break down tents, and high tail it out of the monsoon. I have never been so soaked.

Before the torrential downpour I really did have a great time getting to know vendors, find out about their newest product, why they love the market, and even exchanged some twitter tips!
(WANT this dress. Workers get a discount...)
(Here's me cheesing! The balloon art guy comes every week right outside the Guthrie and gave me this beautiful piece of art)


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  1. What a cool opportunity! Jealous of your internship. I think I may have to volunteer once or twice because I love the Farmer's Market!