Saturday, July 9, 2011

Favorite Ad Campaign Right Now

I don't know what other camping/outdoorsy companies are doing with their branding but I love this! Way to go Coleman, a girl who has never done anything but "car camping" (where you drive to the site, have your car right next to your tent, as well as indoor plumbing and showers) is paying attention to you and your products. A pop up tent? Maybe I'll try real camping...someday.

The tagline 'the original social networking site" puts a spin on something most everyone uses every day. Even my mom has Facebook.

Coleman is reminding (and challenging) a society that is surrounded by technology and media 24/7. It's funny that we have to be reminded just how much better it is to interact with people face to face rather than over text, pokes, tweets, comments, emails, calls, chats...

This reminds me of another campaign that toyed with the same idea of tying their brand in with social networking and reminding people that there is life outside of the computer screen. Bacardi Together's billboards are below.

My sophomore year, one of my journalism teachers challenged our class to disengage from using media or gadgets that weren't around before 1984. No Facebook, cell phones, Twitter....I lasted about one day. Check out the article done by Star Trib here.

Alright, all this talk about getting offline and the "old way" of social networking...time to girl talk with the roommate :)