About Me

Hi all!

My name is Edwina Reckel. I am a senior at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities majoring in Strategic Communications-Public Relations and minoring in Sustainability Studies. GO GOPHERS!

(Here's my not so little brother and I outside of the TCF Bank Stadium, where I worked at the ticket office)

I'm from Kirkwood, Missouri-a suburb outside of STL. I finally have (grudgingly) accepted that Missouri is pretty much part of the South-despite my arguments that it is in the MIDDLE of the U.S....

I came up to the frozen tundra that is Minneapolis after a visit during a homecoming parade, a close eccentric (and tattooed) aunt living in Uptown, and a view of the downtown skyline that was a 15 minute bus a ride away from the student union. I love all of the "real life" opportunities going to a Big 10 school and living in a Metropolis has given me.

I am a lifelong vegetarian. My mom was one so raised me as one. After becoming interested in sustainability, and the organic and local food movement I am SO glad I am a vegetarian. Eating even less meat has a impact on our environment and health! "A meat-eater's diet is responsible for more than seven times as much greenhouse gas emissions as a vegan's diet." For more facts check it here.

I am a loyal Chicago Bears fan. Thanks Mikey, for raising me to love the Fridge, Mike Ditka, Lovie, Urlacher, and more!