Monday, June 6, 2011

The Most Intensive Training I've Ever Done

After working two weeks of 14 hour days for orientation leader training, I am exhausted and so ready to actually get a group of freshmen. This week we have been practicing facilitation conversations, going over logistics of how a day works, memorizing all of the info we need to know, and practicing for the play.

My part in the play is the sexual assult monologue. I have never done any acting in my life. So I have the first step of memorizing the two page script down pat. Now I just have to remember it when I get on stage...

I also got the one of the parts for a huge lecture that all students living in the residence halls must go to, Navigating the U. I have to meet with my partner and start getting all of the facts and corny jokes down this week. It's a little bit intimidating because departments that have their info in the presentation will come to the theater spoardically to ensure the info that they want covered is.

Then we finally, get our first group of 20-30 incoming freshmen this week! I am so ready for it-for the nervous little guy whose too afraid to talk, to the annoying overly talkative cheerleader, and the too cool for school jock.

Here's a summary of what I learned over training:
  • I like the people I work with. Yea, it can be hard working with 27 other type a, over achievers, but it's also a blast to have everyone push each other to be better.
  • The U is huge. Even as a tour guide, I failed the OFYP standards of the tour. I blame it on the fact that I got CSE row...
  • I've learned the meaning of time management, commitment, and tiredness.
  • St. Paul is actually pretty cool. We toured the campus and inside of the dairy barn where they make their own ice cream and cheese. The Dairy Club is one of the richest on campus. I want to join. They get an all expenses paid trip to Cali. SIGN ME UP!

Happy Monday! Wish me luck with my first orientation!

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