Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happiness is an Organized Inbox

Confession: Balancing being an orientation leader and having the marketing internship is tough.

See Gmail currently...

Just pitiful. Google alerts. So many labels.

It's hard especially with the internship because as the cliche goes, "you get out of it what you put into it." I want to put my time and energy into it because I love the market's sustainable mission but it's hard when I am not held to specific responsibilities/duties. I make my own rules.

This is completely different from being an orientation leader at the U. They have orienteering down to an art. I was creeping on their website and found their annual report. Did you know there is a National Orientation Directors Association? Yep me neither. We're kind of a big deal. But my duties, down to the minute are scheduled-when to mingle with nervous parents, when to tell first years about the joys of residence halls, and when to bring up serious issues like sex, drugs, & rock and roll.

This weekend I met with the other market intern, Stephanie, who is also a student at the U and is the Education/Outreach intern. Our role is to collab on an event geared for college kids to learn about how to be sustainable, why you should be, and why the market is awesome. SO pumped for this.

And last update, check out MCFM's Facebook album of the pic's I took during the GrazeFest. All on my iPhone impulse purchase.

SO crowded.

Loved these smart girls-great location during the busy market.
Reminded me of my orchestra fundraising days.

Well, going to enjoy my night off and prepare for my 12 hour + day tomorrow. Fingers crossed my CFANS students are just as enjoyable & talkative as my first group was!


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